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Established in 2017. ChiroFit Rehab is founded by two Chiropractic professionals (Dr John Luu D.C. and Aubrey Mendoza). Unlike most chiropractors, our founders are rehabilitative exercise experts who focus mainly on providing care that combines chiropractic and sports medicine. Just like how all bodies are not created equal, no two injury/disorder is identical. Our philosophy lies in customizing care catered to each patient’s needs, rather than providing cookie cutter solutions that don’t always work for everyone.

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Simply the best! Dr. John Luu and Aubrey will listen and explain anything you want to know about the subject and our broken bodies in general. A true healer! I also saw him work on a friend who was in a bad car accident. He is the first one to call after the first responders.

Cuong L
Fresno, CA

Dr. Luu is awesome. very patient, listens to you, makes you feel at ease, and explains everything thoroughly. I was honestly blown away by his willingness to help. It's easy to tell he genuinely wants to help people. I felt results immediately after the adjustment and he also gave

Sam D
San Mateo, CA

I really like how helpful Aubrey was. He was patient and answered all of my questions. He's knowledgeable and professional. Always warm and friendly, a joy to get to work with him.

Nhieu W
San Mateo, CA

Dr. John was very polite. I had only gone in needing some advice for what I thought might have been a pinched nerve. He gave me the consultation for free and offered his opinion on what movements I can do to help relieve the tension and pain.

Rachel W
Belmont, CA

My boyfriend had some recent back pain from working out at the gym and so I decided to give a call to Dr. john at Chiro Fit Rehab. He said bring him in; he saw us the same day and was extremely helpful. He adjusted my boyfriend and I and stretched us out, even taught us some stretches that we can do for our specific work out.

James P
San Mateo, CA

Aubrey and Dr. Luu are both amazing people. They took time to explain everything with my back problems. In addition, they told me about what I can do and how I can improve my posture and what the process would look in the future treatments. They also were really friendly and always smiling! Highly recommended!

Moises F
San Jose, CA

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