Vehicle Accidents

Why am I in so much pain after a car accident?

Typically the day of the accident, you wont feel any pain. It’s always the morning after when you feel the most pain in your neck, back, and shoulder depending on the severity of the accident. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, its typically because of the seat belt and how it was oriented at the time of the accident. Neck pain is usually caused by “whiplash” and what that means is that your head and neck jolted forward really quickly and bounced back to the head rest. The sudden movement back and forth can cause tearing in ligaments, inflammation, and worse case scenario a fracture. Most importantly the muscles will guard your neck by spasming which is causing the majority of your pain. These injuries need to be manage by a healthcare professional such as Chiropractors, Physical Therapist, and co-managed with an Medical Doctor.

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